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2020-02-28 17:59 - 2024-04-20 17:59 @ Test address


2024-04-20 17:59:00 This event has ended.

Event Details

This course is recommended for new scheduling managers who want to learn the main components of eHR, eLabor, and eTimekeeping in eRestaurant.

Participants will learn:

Adding new employees Maintaining active employee profiles with updates to time off requests, availability, skill level, commendations/disciplinary actions, performance reviews, and secondary job codes Creating Fixed Task Shifts, Managers Schedules, and Crew Schedules Explaining autoschedule Punch management and posting payroll How to use the DAR mobile app to monitor your business and labor costs How to use the mobile app to communicate schedules with team members and more … Each participant will be provided with training materials including :

Training workbook and pen Zip Schedules employee poster and reminder cards in English and Spanish

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